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WELCOME TO ONE Team Financial Group!

Hi, I'm Claudia.  I’m a Financial Planner. Independent and unaffiliated from any broker or dealer.   

Why I LOVE Financial Planning

Financial Planning is near and dear to my heart.  I grew up as a child of immigrants with very little money and not much financial literacy. My parents' core beliefs were to work hard, save as much money as possible, and pay off my car/house. Great advice! It set my foundation for adulthood; however, there is SO much more I didn’t know.  My mission is to make sure no one I come across will ever feel like they don’t know enough to make smart financial decisions and make their dreams a reality.  

My personal financial goals:

  1) Retire with Dignity and Independence   

  2) Ensure my parents retire with Dignity and Independence 

  3) Maximize my cashflow so that I can live comfortably today while planning for tomorrow

  4) Leave a legacy to my (4) daughters that will support a foundation towards their financial security 

  5) Build a Financial Planning practice that will leave a giant legacy of serving others

How I got here

My journey to becoming a financial planner has been less than traditional.  I joined the financial services industry following a 13-year career in the United States Marine Corps (Oorah!).  I served on active duty as a career planner and deployed multiple times to support Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. My military career came to a sudden stop after a devastating knee injury during Drill Instructor School, Parris Island, SC.  Although I didn’t see it then, the knee injury was a blessing in disguise.  It forced me to look for a career outside of the military that has gifted me the opportunity to have a tremendous, positive impact on people of all different ages, my family, and friends. 


What I believe about Financial Planning

Understanding that the single most powerful contributor to financial well-being is behavior, I work closely with my client families to develop personalized financial plans that reflect their values, address their priorities, and support their goals. I'm ready to help you pursue your goals, whether it's through a brief DIY check-up or a lifetime journey of ongoing financial planning. 


Are you ready? 

  • Are you ready to take control and feel empowered with your financial situation?

  • Would you like to have someone you can trust by your side? 

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